Terms and conditions

1. The hotelier may refuse to rent or rent to stop for the client when he is clearly sick (or may have viral sick dangerously form), when the client is drunk or when the client is dirty or when the client doing large pollution or when the client is violating morality.
2. The apartment and room may be used only by those who tenant and they are registered with him.
3. The payment of debt accounts should do it by the day of arrival and of course, the additional accounts for the stay should be paid, prior to departure.
4. The Client must deliver on arrival at the Hotelier that all valuable and significantly in value or money by taking a proof of signature from the director of the hotel.
5. The Client is responsible, in the hotel, for every damage caused during their stay. Provided that indicate the loss or damage in the arrival at that already pre-existing in the apartment and room any problem, issue no compensation.
6. Visits friends and associates of the clients is done just at hotel cafeterias of the hours of operation from 09.00 till 23.00.
7. Strictly prohibited any visit to the apartment from person who is not registered like clients in the door book of the hotel.
8. The hotelier can consider if the clients are welcome and require abandoning of stay in the 24 hours.
9. The common quiet hours are from 14.00 to 18.00(siesta) and from 23.00 to 08.00(sleep).
10. The clients are invited to wash feet and body from the sand of the sea before go to the room or apartment, on the grounds drainage problems.
11. The garbage from summer foods, used to be moved to directly, every day to trash, which it is in the entrance of the hotel.
12. The apartments are delivered clean after 15:00 PM and the departures from the individuals is till 10.00 AM and for the groups are till 09:00 AM.
Visitors’ health and safety
Our priority, which is why we strictly follow all protection measures.
According to the National Agency for Public Health, fever is one of the most common symptoms. In order to protect the health of our visitors, as well as our employees, the property owner takes all necesssary measures.
Before the customers’ arrival, apartments and studios disinfection will have been executed according to the sanitary protocols. Both outdoor and indoor space, will be disinfected with certified cleansers / disinfectants. Each apartment and studio will be sealed after its preparation in order to welcome the next guests. We will welcome you in a comfortable and healthy environment.
Check out is at 10:00 AM, while check-in is transferred at 15:00 PM, so that the apartment and studio can be thoroughly cleaned. In case there is no booking for the same room on the day of your departure, check out can be accomplished at 11:00 AM.
Concerning the rooms, the air condition units are autonomous and do not form part of a central air conditioning. Everything has been maintained, disinfected and will be disinfected after each departure. The accommodations are thoroughly cleaned so that every guest can find a safe, clean environment.
Hand disinfection is mandatory when entering the common area.
Thank you for your preference and trust,
Apartments and studios Owner
Pet Regulation
Our accommodation recognizes that pets are considered part of the family of our visitors and is friendly to them, with joy welcoming small pet (cats and dogs) with a charge of 15 euros on the night!
• The space allows us to stay small dogs (up to 5 kg), and cats (up to 2 kg). Other types of pets such as indicative birds, reptiles, hamster are prohibited.
• Each rental room is permitted to stay up to two pets up to two pets.
• Visitors with pets are obliged to bring with them an up -to -date pet health booklet accompanied by an authorized veterinarian. Our accommodation is entitled to request a demonstration of a pet health booklet at all times.
• Eve aggressive pets is expressly prohibited. The accommodation maintains any right to eliminate customers accompanying a pet that has accumulated aggressive behavior towards staff of the accommodation or other visitors.
• Visitors are responsible for cleaning their pet waste inside the accommodation as well as in all areas of its property.
• Pets should be bound or restricted in any case to public areas of the hotel or on the property. Pet circulation without leash or unaccompanied pets is prohibited.
• Pets should be constantly monitored in any area of the accommodation.
• If a pet is left unattended and annoys other visitors, you will receive a warning from the accommodation. Continuous barking is also explicitly considered as a surveillance violation in hours of quiet, namely 13:30 – 18:00 and 21:00 – 10:00.
• It is forbidden for visitors to leave their pets on the balconies of the room for rent without supervision.
• The property provides visitors to pet veterinary coverage by a partner veterinarian with extra charge.
• Dry food and canned can come to the space at an extra charge.
• If damage is caused by the residence of a pet, we inform the visitor of the amount due to the accommodation based on the extent of the damage. Damages are considered to be irreversible damage to furniture, carpets, accommodation equipment, hydraulic or electrical installations and other objects.
Washing & Ironing Service
Because we want to feel like your home, we offer you clothes for clothes & ironing upon consultation.
In our accommodation there is a meticulous cleaning of the rooms daily, as well as a change of towels-seeds on a daily basis if necessary or two days, respecting the environment.
• We undertake washing all your clothes in a professional washing machine.
• Each washing includes: cleaning, prefabrication, soap, emollient, drying, delivery folded into a basket.
• Your clothes are washed separately in washing machines, always with the quality they deserve.
• The charge is performed per wash depending on the volume and coloring of the clothes.
• Cost 15 euros/2 kg dresses per wash and cost 25 euros/5 kg dresses per wash.
• All clothes are ironed in hand for an optimal effect.
• Hand ironing is a process that takes longer, but the result cannot be compared to any automatic ironing from machine.
• The towels are ironed in a special cylinder for optimal effect.
• All ironed clothes can be delivered to a hanger or folded and ready to be worn.
• The charge is done per basket.
• Cost 15 euros per small basket and cost 25 euros per medium basket.
For washing and ironing together, we offer you a better price at 22 euros per small basket and 35 euro per medium basket.